ACL Injuries

Learn the common causes and treatments of ACL injuries.

What Is an ACL Injury?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) provides stability to the knee and supports you while you play sports, grocery shop, or take a walk. Injuries to this ligament are common and can be the result of pivoting quickly, landing awkwardly, or stopping suddenly.1 Common symptoms of an ACL tear include pain, swelling, trouble moving your knee as you used to, and putting weight on it. You may also hear a pop or feel a popping sensation in your knee.1

Minor ACL injuries may be treated without surgery, but if you have an ACL tear, you will most likely need surgery. ACL repair, a procedure that preserves and reattaches the torn ligament, might be the right option for you. If your ligament cannot be repaired, a minimally invasive ACL reconstruction will likely be necessary.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

A new innovative procedure repairs an ACL tear by reattaching the ligament back to the bone. For ACL tears that can be repaired, this minimally invasive option helps patients get back to activities and sports faster2 with a more normal-feeling knee.3,4

Historically, ACL tears have been treated primarily with reconstruction surgery. During this procedure, the damaged ligament is removed and tissue from another part of the knee or donor tissue is used to recreate the ACL.

ACL Repair
Comparison of an ACL reconstruction and an ACL repair
ACL Reconstruction
Comparison of an ACL reconstruction and an ACL repair

Tear Location Matters

Not all ACL tears can be repaired. Tear location plays a big role in determining ACL tear treatment, which includes reconstruction or repair. Other factors that determine if an ACL can be repaired include the quality of the remaining tissue, when the injury occurred, patient age, and activity level.

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Tears in the middle of the ACLTears farther away from the boneTears close to the bone

Tears Close to the Bone

Tears Farther Away From the Bone

Tears in the Middle of the ACL

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