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ACL Repair

If your doctor recommends ACL repair, here is what you should know.

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What Is ACL Repair?

During ACL repair, your own tissue is reattached to the bone. ACL repair is the least invasive surgical approach for restoring knee stability, and that is just one of the benefits.

Preservation of Anatomy

More Normal-Feeling Knee

Easier Recovery

Faster Return to Activity

Some ACL tears cannot be repaired. Speak with your doctor to find out which ACL treatment is right for you.

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Is ACL Repair Right for You?

Using the most cutting edge, minimally invasive technology, the Arthrex ACL repair procedure is a powerful tool in the surgeon’s toolbox. Incorporating the latest research on how ACL tear types are identified, surgeons can better decide which patients are likely to have successful outcomes with ACL repair.7 The procedure works best for tears close to the bone (proximal) that have not significantly damaged the ligament tissue.7

Not all sports medicine surgeons perform this innovative procedure. Consult your doctor to see if they perform ACL repair and if you are a good candidate for the procedure. In addition to tear location, your age, activity level, and everyday activities will help your surgeon determine if ACL repair is the right treatment for you. If your ACL tear is not repairable, then all-inside ACL reconstruction is the next least invasive option to treat your ACL injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surgeons answer your questions about ACL injuries, treatment options, and more.

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