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Supplemental Treatment Options

Learn about procedures that may help improve the outcome of your ACL repair or ACL reconstruction.

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Supplemental Treatment Options to Improve Your Surgical Outcome

Your doctor may decide to support your ACL repair or reconstruction with additional procedures to help improve your surgical outcome. Biologic products designed to encourage healing may also be an option. Find out more about these additional procedures and why they may be beneficial to your ACL surgery treatment plan.

Orthobiologic Augmentation

Biologic Augmentation: Using Your Biology to Improve Healing

Your doctor may suggest including a biologic treatment, which uses cells from your body to stimulate healing, to help your recovery. This could include a bone graft with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or a technique called the BioACLTM procedure, which combines PRP, harvested bone, and other biologic components placed at the surgical site to augment your ACL reconstruction.

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The InternalBraceTM Technique

A Seat Belt for Your ACL

Similar to how a seat belt acts in a car accident, ACL surgery with the InternalBrace technique supports the primary repair or reconstruction. The technique secures your ligament or graft to the bone during the healing phase, which may reduce the risk of further injury or instability.1-4

The InternalBrace Technique

What Are the Benefits of the InternalBrace Technique?

Provides Support

Reduces Pain

Promotes Rehabilitation

Improves Function

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The decision to use this technique will depend on the specific needs and goals of each patient and your surgeon’s recommendation. Ask your surgeon if augmenting ACL repair or reconstruction with the InternalBrace technique is right for you. The InternalBrace surgical technique is intended only to augment the primary repair/reconstruction by expanding the area of tissue approximation during the healing period and is not intended as a replacement for the native ligament. The InternalBrace technique is for use during soft tissue-to-bone fixation procedures and is not cleared for bone-to-bone fixation.

Extra-articular Augmentation

Reducing the Risk of Reinjury After ACL Surgery

To help with rotational stability and minimize the risk of reinjuring your ACL,7,8 additional procedures to support other parts of your knee—like anterolateral ligament (ALL) reconstruction or iliotibial band (ITB) tenodesis—may be included in your repair or reconstruction. Clinical studies show that combining these types of procedures with an ACL repair or reconstruction may help improve patient results.7,8

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